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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Show In Search of a Clue: DAYS Podcast Head's Up

So I've been getting all sorts of e-mails from people wanting to know my thoughts, now that the official announcement of Drake Hogestyn and Dee Hall's firings have come out.

I'm trying to piece my words together (Really... who can?), but in the meantime, I'll be on Daytime Confidential's PodCast to... I don't know. Not rant - it's a little late for that. Not cry - I've wasted too many tears on this show.

I don't know what I'll do, so I guess we'll all find out together...

More to come...


MarkH said...

What I write here is NOT facetious.

In the face of these appalling firings, and the other ones rumored:

(a) it should make you feel, strangely, better. You were not "singled out" by that firing. Your dismissal, Ed Scott's, Dee Hall' are in terrific company, and you have clear evidence that it is all about a f*cked up SYSTEM at DOOL...not you!

If you ever had a moment of self doubt because of DOOL, you can now banish it. THIS is one SCREWED up enterprise.

(b) Half the cast was fired during the Melaswen debacle. The firings were...ahem...temporary.

Those firings were motivated by the same nonsense as these: Get rid of the expensive vets.

So, in the 87th "plan to save Days", they'll try to hire these folks back.

(c) Days has actually fallen less than most other soaps in the last year. What happens now will be VERY telling about how important a show's "legacy identity" is.

GL suggests that doing this KILLS a show--creatively and ratings wise. ATWT too. Let's see what happens at DOOL.

(d) In the end, carrying a metaphor I've used before, we as a "family" should be grateful.

This is the sign that we should begin our anticipatory grieving, or move it into high gear.

In September 2010, this program will be gone.

Tom said...

Somehow, you made me feel better in the midst of this. I'm not sure how since the whole thing's kind of a downer. But you did.

I just feel so terrible for the fans.

Johnathon said...

And this is even more proof why you should be HW of DAYS, the show has completely lost its way, even if you have no control over all the exits, you could at least use your exits to your advantage, these people are going to completely waste every ounce of talent and just send people off into the sunset, kill a few people off here and there (maybe) and thats it, the end, all she wrote.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the upcoming DC episode.

Anonymous said...

Tom I am a middle aged black woman who reads your My Space blog faithfully. As I just don’t quite get My Space, I’m so glad you’ve found a new home. So many times I wanted to write you to tell you how much I truly enjoyed your work on Days. I have written this on other boards that had you, Hogan, and Ed Scott been allowed to stay on Days the show would have been in such a better place right now. You tried to bring humor, realism and pathos to a dying show and while I didn’t like all of your stories you were heading in the right direction. I can close my eyes today and still see the many memorable scenes and the sparkling dialog you helped create. So many decisions your writing team made, making Marlena single, focusing the show more on Bo and Hope, recognizing the chemistry between Phillip and Belle were hard but I think now based on hindsight seem so right now. I can’t imagine another head writer or producer stupid enough to throw away your very hard won success but that’s water under the bridge. My comment to you is stop setting your sites so low. You are such a very gifted guy. I realize you are going through tough times now but your talent and creativity will out n the end. I know sometimes you doubt yourself for speaking out, don’t you are the future they are the past. Nothing good in life comes without risk. A future in Hollywood, on the internet or possibly Broadway awaits you if you keep the faith.

tanya said...

I was sad to see Ed(he's a good writer) go but am elated to see the back of DH (marlena)...she is the reason I DONT watch days. I will now start to tune in. To bad they cant keep robo john and bring back ava (they are hot).

Maybe they can use this as a chance to turn the page so to speak - treat it as a new soap - a spin off.

PhyllisShnell17 said...

I don't watch Days but as a fan soap, I must say that I'm more than shocked about Deidre Hall. If anything, I thought she'd be the last person standing.

I'm sure there will be some "interesting" behind the scenes stories coming up that I look forward to hearing about.


louisa said...

I'll comment on the firings when I'm not in shock! I'm jusy happy you are off myspace so I can respond to your amazing blog! I'm a loyal reader (follower). You really should be writing for one of my shows (GL is my first choice). I'm so happy I can now say hi!

Rashad Khan said...

When is the podcast? Tonight?