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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day - A Walk Down Memory Lane

As I sit here at the Beau's family's house, I can't help but remember one year ago, sitting at this same computer, after watching the Days Thanksgiving show I was so honored to write.

It really was a special episode, to sit here and watch with the Beau's family, as I filled them in on the Shelle wedding, and the beginning of the Stefano/Marlena showdown. My heart still starts to race when I think about it, and I just had to take a walk down memory lane, one year later.

Special thanks to our friends who upload these at YouTube. They're really beautiful...

Happy Turkey Day!

(To those of you who would like to see the whole episode, it starts here: That's part one, and the rest are linked on the right. Embedding was disabled upon request of the uploader.)


Love, Tom


SimplySusan said...

Wow, that first one gave me goosebumps and the second one made me cry. Damn you Tom! Just kidding. You must be so proud that you were a part of all that. You should be. Thanks for posting those. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you.

goldy75 said...

Hey Tom, that WAS a great episode. And I love the little nods to history that soap viewers love. During this time, the show
was finally coming together....

Be proud of yourself for helping something work so well when it did.

Anonymous said...

That may have been the last Days episode I watched in its entirety. It's certainly the last one I enjoyed in its entirety. I especially appreciated the integration of the older generation: Maggie and Julie taking the twins from Sami and Lucas, for example, and most especially, the choice of Doug to deliver the voiceover – which I remember watching twice, it was so well written and I was so shocked that Bill Hayes was given anything substantial to do after all these years. So sad to see what Corday has squandered so badly through the years.

Becky said...

The scene between Marlena and Stefano after the wedding is one of the best I've seen. Terrific. Thanks!