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Sunday, November 23, 2008

MIT Panel Transcribed

Hey all!

The good folks at MIT have transcribed the panel I was on (as well as all of the other panels). It's called "Franchises, Extensions and Worldbuilding". They were typing AS we were talking, so occasionally, you might come across something that doesn't sound like a real sentence. :-) Rest assured, it wasn't because I was speaking like a moron - I was probably just talking faster than they could type.

The podcast and video should be up later, but for now, if anyone's interested, here it is:



1 comment:

MarkH said...

Tom, I can't thank you enough for this. While I'm sure being there was MUCH better, these transcripts really are the next best thing.

Once you have had time to digest this, I really would be interested to hear how you feel we could implement some of these ideas in daytime.

Me? I feel like you need pitch meetings with Brian Frons and Barbara Bloom right away! Both actually have viable platforms that could serve as the basis for this ( online is really quite decent now, and Frons has the whole Soapnet online franchise available for this).

FYI: Soapnet tried to do something in this domain a while ago. I'm not sure exactly what, but it was some kind of role playing "Fantasy Soap League". I never got smart about it because you had to pay to play and...well...I just wasn't that interested to play something that (from a male perspective) felt a little like a frothy wedding-shower-game.

But the spirit and intention were there. I think informed advocacy is what is needed.