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Monday, January 12, 2009

SOD Goes Back In Time!

Hey all!

SOD took a page out of the book We Love Soaps started writing (and I piggy-backed onto with my Marland Long Story Analysis), by pledging to start re-posting old interviews with soap opera legends from their archives!

They're starting by re-printing Douglas Marland's How Not To Wreck A Show Rules... which is a little disappointing to me, only because it's available on pretty much any soap message board these days. But I can forgive them, because there's so much at their disposal, I just know they'll deliver some goodies long-thought forgotten.

So please - if you'd like SOD to continue posting interviews with soap opera legends who are long since gone or retired, PLEASE visit this site and drop a line to and ask them to continue this feature.

At a time when we're all praying for a return to greatness in daytime writing, it's wonderful to even have a few moments with some of daytime's greats, and I (for one) would love to see further interviews with Labine, LeMay, Curlee, Nixon, Marland, Washam, the Cullitons, Bill Bell and so many others.

I encourage everybody - if you want to see SOD continue this feature, please let them know!



Cyber said...

This can only help. Since this has been available for years, I can only wonder why its now being highlighted. Better late than never, my main issue is "writing."

Hopefully this will help to improve the shows so I'll encourage the continuation of this series...I'm a huge Bill Bell fan.

Take good care...

Anonymous said...

My only concern with seeing this sudden trip back into time is that it resembles someone having their life flash before their eyes. And we all know when that happens, what happens next.

jf said...

I'm glad that SOD is doing this.

I'm also happy that you included the Cullitons in your list with the other historical greats. They deserve to be there, with their positive contributions to and understanding of the characters and storylines on so many soaps over the years.

Which reminds me, never mind history, there aren't enough in-depth interviews now with the writers.

Maybe that is something you could do on your blog, actually -- interview some other past and present writers about their experiences? It'd probably be easier for you to set up than for most of the fan blogs to do so.

Anonymous said...
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