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Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank You, Daytime Confidential!

Well, I'll be damned...

The good folks over at Daytime Confidential have listed me on their list of Top 10 Writer/Producers of 2008. Not too shabby for someone who actually didn't write for a soap in 2008, huh? (Well, except for those first three weeks of January, when my pre-strike stuffed aired.) I'm in damn good company too, with the likes of Sara, Karen Harris (whom I adore, as most of you know), Susan Dansby (a long-time friend from ATWT) and Chris Van Etten (a guy who still impresses me with the way he's establishing his career early on).

We all expected to see names like Ron Carlivati and Maria Arena Bell and Sri Rao on there. So to be included with the best-of-the-best (whether the Nielsen homes realize it or not) is pretty freakin' cool for me.

Also, their Number One surprised the hell out of me - but their explanation sure made a lot of sense.

Thanks guys and girls! And Bravo on an excellent list!

1 comment:

Cyber said...

I'm not a good writer but have enough sense to recognize good writing when I read it. I like reading from you and your commenters because of the excellent writing. Its to the point (concise) and you tell a story within it. My problems are many: too many prepositional phrases, too wordy and have a little trouble with past/present tense (other than that I do pretty good LoL; yep mine's pretty basic.

I can read why you are included, so I'm not surprised in the least.