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Monday, September 8, 2008

Continuity Police Reporting for Duty (One Life to Live - Part 2)

Yeah, I'm posting twice in one day. This is an addendum to the earlier post, Therapists and The Rapists.

Call it a continuity error, or a miscommunication between directors, or just a small snafu that unfortunately changes everything.

In Friday's tag, Todd caught Marty, and was looking down on her (in a position of definitely being superior to her, and leaving her underneath him)... and then made the first move to bend down and kiss her.

In today's pick-up, Todd caught Marty, and then lifted her up to his level. (A very different tableau from Friday's tag.) And then they both came together into a kiss.

I see myself typing up these words, and I realize how ridiculously nitpicky I'm being about blocking and actor positions. Man, I used to hate when I got these kinds of notes on my breakdowns - when every little detail gets picked apart. But this is a story that every fan will hold a magnifying glass up to. It's so small and subtle - the physical positioning of Todd and Marty for this kiss.

Maybe I'm being anal. Maybe I'm being caught up in a detail that doesn't mean anything to anybody else. It wouldn't be the first time I was in the minority when it comes to my opinions... . But the image of Todd standing over Marty and leaning over to kiss her passionately on Friday left such a bad taste in my mouth... whereas today's pick-up seemed like they were both willing participants. And they both made the first move at the same time.

Tiny, minute differences... but when you have a rapist kiss his rape victim, I think you need to pay attention to these things. But maybe that's just me.

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